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Restaurant Payroll

The Restaurant industry is fast-paced and comlex, and it can be easy to get tripped up (both literally and figuratively)?  Ome place you don't want to make mistakes is with your employees' payroll ! - As a restaurant owner, you know that managingpayroll taxes and regulations can be particularly tricky and getting it wrong can be costly.

If you are looking for a little help with your restaurant payroll, look no further, Payrolls USA can help you.

  • Pay your employees
  • Stay in compliance with tax regulations
  • File and pay your local, state and federal tax filings
  • Manage fringe benefits and deductions
  • Direct Deposit is available
  • and More !‚Äč
  1. Minimum Wage Alerts: be notified when employee wages and/or tips do not reach the minimum wage requirements, providing you with helpful tips-to-minimum verification to hrlp keep you in compliance with the IRS,
  2. FICA Tip Credit Report: calculates and tracks just how much you are entitled to claim on your annual business Income Tax Return for the credit, paving the way for significant tax savings.
  3. Tip Sign-Off Reprot: provides written proof of employees tips received and declared, which can help keep you in complianc with government regulations.
  4. Makeup Tips: ensure that your employees compensation doesn't go below the minimum wage.  This is added to teh sum of the employees base wage base pay, tips, and commission to match the federal minimum wage rate.
  5. Flexbible Payment Options: Pay employees conveniently with multiple payment options - print checks or use our FREE Direct Deposit.
  6. Multiple Tip Options: Whether you need to track tips for tax purposes or issuing additional pay, these are multiple options for tracking employees' tips.

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